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Phil Gwilliam

Merseyside, United Kingdom

Philip Brett King

Shropshire, United Kingdom

Derek Shoales

Rochester, NY, United States

Liam Gerrard

Sheffield / London, United Kingdom

J.E. Burton

Davis, CA, United States

Courage Never Slows Down

Santa Monica, CA, United States

Michael Nix

Sallisaw, OK, United States

Mark Stephenson

Plymouth, United Kingdom

Angus Townsley

Glasgow, United Kingdom

Donte Burks

Houston, TX, United States

Santiago A. Ramirez

Santiago, Metropolitana, Chile

Ieuan Dolloway

Worcester, United Kingdom

Ra'Shae Esplin

Glendale, AZ, United States

Steven Dalzell

Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Andrew Frankel

Encino, CA, United States

chadwick palmatier

Los Angeles, CA, United States

Callum Sim

Manchester, United Kingdom

WGE:MAG - Including Gamevoices interviews

WGE:MAG. Read the .pdf magazines at ISSUU.

Its a great read for game developers and voice actors alike.


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