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John Winfree

Philadelphia, PA, United States

Lee Neville

London, United Kingdom

Elton Waters

CANTERBURY, United Kingdom

Andrew Donaldson

Sparks, NV, United States

Ryan DuPraw

Braselton, GA, United States

Da'Rell Miller

Indianapolis, IN, United States

Keion Cannon

Houston, TX, United States

April Barber

Aurora, CO, United States

Jack Goddard

London, United Kingdom

Enda W. Caldwell

London, United Kingdom

Joe Penry

London, United Kingdom

Zimri Gordon

Alexandria, VA, United States

stuart kennon

Lancaster, CA, United States

Reed Stewart

London, United Kingdom

Andy Porter

London, United Kingdom

Ashley Clark

London, United Kingdom

WGE:MAG - Including Gamevoices interviews

WGE:MAG. Read the .pdf magazines at ISSUU.

Its a great read for game developers and voice actors alike.


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