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What is Gamevoices and how does it work?

Gamevoices is a site where game developers of every kind from 'Bedroom Indie' to AAA can find voice acting talent for their video and mobile game projects and for actors to demonstrate their voice over skills to the games industry.


There are over 2000 actors on this site and over 8000 in the network including:

facebook and


their experience ranges from industry veteran to newbie - but that doesn't mean to say there aren't some BIG names of the future among our ranks, because there definitely are.


The purpose of the site is twofold.


1) To act as a support network for actors trying to get a foothold into the industry.
A place where they can find advice from actors who have 'made it' and also where they can read interviews with those actors.
We have interviewed:
Yuri Lowenthal (Prince of Persia), Elias Toufexis (Deus Ex), Roger Craig Smith (Batman in Batman: Arkham Origins) to name just a few. These interview can be found on our blogs list:

2) To make introductions for our actors to the games industry via casting calls. Often voice actors will come to the site seeking experience in the industry and for that reason we do casting calls, for usually, independent developers. We do not take any fee we just make a page for the call and ask actors to submit demos to the casting director.
The casting director will then review the demos and get back to the actors they prefer  and negotiate a fee for their work directly with the actor. Gamevoices only asks for a casting credit in the game.

Actors appearing on this site have appeared in games by many of the above studios.

To open a casting call please contact: and we'll contact you with a request for details necessary to make the casting call page.

Some Voice Casting Testimonials:

"GameVoices is the best place to find professional voiceover actors for your game. You just need to apply for a voice cast and it is totally free! Describe a game character, give in-game texts and enjoy hundreds of voice samples from the top-notch actors. Choose your best candidates from a ton of samples. At GameVoices you’ll get what you need."

Sergei Dudar- Hooligans Entertainment


Дорогие игроделы!

Gamevoices - это cамый лучший и простой способ найти озвучку для вашей игры! Вы просто подаете БЕСПЛАТНО заявку с описанием роли, тестовые фразы и слушаете сотни профессиональных сэмплов. Выбирайте и только потом обсуждаете детали по оплате с подходящими актерами!

Сергей Дударь- Директор по развитию бизнеса в Hooligans Entertainment


"Writing the script for our first big indie game, Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries, in my head, I heard the perfect voices to portray Red Riding Hood (our main character) and her Granny in the story. We reached out to Gamevoices to help us cast the actors who would be able to bring those voices in my head to life. Thanks to a very quick and accurate follow-up of our briefing and the website's broad network of quality voice actors applying for the job, we had the luxury to select our actors from an overwhelming amount of high level auditions. I found my perfect Red Riding Hood, and my perfect Granny. And in nearly every preview of our soon to be launched fairytale platformer, the amazing voice acting has been praised. We won't hesitate to knock on this door for future projects!"
Yasmin Van de Werf, writer for Woolfe at GRIN studios

"I would highly recommend There is a wide range of professional talent to make sure the anyone can find the right voice for their project."
Xander Macleod- Voice of the Silent Land

WGE:MAG - Including Gamevoices interviews

WGE:MAG. Read the .pdf magazines at ISSUU.

Its a great read for game developers and voice actors alike.


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