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Hi All,

I'm a newbie voice actor and I would like to get involved in video game voice overs.  Between living in a medium sized market and still being a little green, I don't expect to land a role in a huge console title in the immediate future.  Instead, I'm setting more realistic goals for myself by starting out in online Flash games or iPhone games.  Anybody know of some good ways to find independent game developers looking for voice talent?


Ray Saltrelli

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Network, network, network. Use sites like this one, as well as LinkedIn and even Facebook to make contacts and introduce yourself. Also, frequent forums and websites where audio producers and directors hang out to talk shop. Also, use the power of Google to find indie developers. Search iTunes and loos at the app developers then research them directly. There is zounds of info right at your fingertips! Just be prepared to spend time doing your homework.

Sean C.
That is some great advice Sean. I too am hoping to get in on the video game vo action. I love games, my kids play them all the time and I love vo, so it seems like a natural place to go!

Anyone else have any tips?

Hi guys,

I'm new to this site as well but I've been acting for a little while. I'd pretty much like to mirror what Sean said. In the creative business it is very much 'who you know'. So get on to the forums and get to meeting people. I've had very few jobs as an actor that I haven't known someone in the production company beforehand. Yes there will be big breaks and you'll hopefully be in the right place at the right time. However most of it is slogging through and doing your research!

Best of luck to you all.


Good advice Jamie...THANKS!

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